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Thursday, June 4, 2009 (Bronx, NY) The Industry’s Alternative (PR) - For Immediate Release

Clap Cognac Salutes the Blogs

Since today’s blogs have been crowned as some of the most important and most prestigious tastemakers in the game, the BX born and raised rapper that goes by the name of Clap Cognac showed his versatitly and talent by plugging some of the best names in the blugworld between his lyrical metaphors and similes.
Clap Cognac, A rapper that reigns from the independent and underground realm, has been co-signed by one of the most notorious mixtape DJs in NYC “DJ Superstar Jay” and his latest mixtape was sponsored by Karl Kani.
With a crazy online marketing campaign behind him (ran by The Industry’s Alternative), Clap is making his presence known on the net with features on,,, Jamnow, Nahright and etc.

The Track titled “Blog This” shows you how Clap can mention some of the most popular music blogs while turning it into a catchy and witty hip hop track. How many rappers do you know can gave a shout-out to over 10 blogs in one track and make it sound so easy and natural?
Listen to the track and you may catch the name of your blog in the song. If not then shoot us an email with your opinion and you will most definitely get in “Blog This part 2”.
We only ask that if you do decide to post this song on your site, that you let us know so we can give you a big shout-out and document it!
You can find the link to download the track below.
CLAP COGNAC Presents…. “Blog This” As a Salute to the Blogs and online publications!!!

Download Link for “Blog This”
Download Clap Cognac’s Entire package

The song is already generating so much internet buzz, Hiphopgame has done us the honor of posting it in their top 10 of their Audio section. Big ups to!

Download Clap’s Ringtones and enter a chance to win an I-Pod Touch:

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