Tuesday, June 2, 2009


5/30/2009 would have been Big L's 35th Birthday if he was alive. Its been 10 years since the legendary Big L was murdered.

Big L is one of Clap Cognac's biggest influences - check out this tribute he did in Memoriam of one of the greatest lyricists in Hip Hop. (this track was on Clap Cognacs mixtape Kani Life/Blessing in Disguise)

Big L was part of the legendary group DITC, which lost another afilliate - Party Arty aka P-80 this year. Party Arty was a close friend of Clap Cognac's as well as recording with him before his untimely death. Clap Cognac wants to make sure that both of these artists will not be forgotten.

Bonus track "Lets Get it" - P-80 feat Clap Cognac:

RIP BIG L & P-80!!!

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