Monday, June 14, 2010


Monique Baines - R&B singer/songwriter from New York
has just launched her video blog titled the “Mo Show”!


The Mo Show: Episode 1 from Monique Baines on Vimeo.

Through her video blog, Monique aims to show her viewers the logistics behind promoting her first single. She plans on posting footage from studio sessions, performances and more. As stated in her blog, “after working at a label for five years, it’s time to put what I learned to use”. The challenge here is to record 3 radio/club friendly songs, and work a single until it gets a spin on the radio. Feedback has been incredible, although she’s only one post in. Be sure to tune in as this blog will provide incredible insight to all audiences, including aspiring artists and musicians alike, about the industry behind the scenes. The blog will also reveal the true legwork behind promoting an artist, and the sacrifices it takes. It’s more of a personal and intimate look into this extremely talented artist’s journey. Many love the concept, and you have to admit it’s innovative.

Monique’s first single “Sippin” is due for release mid-summer

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