Thursday, November 12, 2009

promo opportunity for independent artists

Harlem Up N Coming Presents
(Promotional package $2,000)
This concept called WHO DO YOU BET ON? is an idea based on building a large fan base for each Artist(s) that participates in this event. With WHO DO YOU BET ON? , We plan on building a strong public awareness for each Artist(s) by way of a strong street campaign and cross promotion. This awareness will be generated by many different forms of media such as CD, DVD, Post cards, T-shirts, Internet, and Live Concert. Each of these sources will give each artist(s) a very strong promotion that may not have been available for the unsigned but very talented Artist(s) and Companies.
Each artist(s) will receive a promotional package which includes a recording session at a professionally owned and operated Studio (Chung King Studios); here is where the artist(s) will create new and original music. There will be a camera crew filming in the studio sessions and during the collaboration song. There will also be professionals from the music industry present as guest speakers that will talk to the artist. The guest speaker’s sessions will be filmed for the DVD. The CEO's of the Artist(s) companies will be filmed if they would like to talk about their company, artist(s), and why people should vote for their artist(s). Each artist(s) will receive T-shirts, CD's, Flyers and DVD's. Each artist(s) and company will be featured on all promotional products that you will use to promote themselves.
The package includes:·
1,000 cd’s Including all artist: (2) solo songs (I)collaboration song·
2,000 flyers picture of all artist on one side, solo picture on the other side.·
T-shirts for each artist with their name on it for example: (I BET on James)·
Photo shoots of each artist/with the BET on me shirts.·
Filming In studio session of recording & collaboration song.·
“A Day in the life” segment; includes a camera crew following each artist for a day.Film crew will be filming the Artist for 8 hours and a vehicle will be provided for the Artist tobe driven around in.·
A profile on with each artist picture, bio, and song with a vote button to build awareness
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