Monday, October 5, 2009


Moguls in the Making welcomes frequent Clap Cognac collaborator and fellow Bronx native
As a product of Hip-Hop’s Mecca it was only a matter of time Veli would grow to develop an undying love for hip-hop and it’s culture. At an early age Veli began honing his song writing skills, first penning R & B tunes at nine, rapping a year later and down the road producing tracks for not only him-self but others as well. With an uncommon range of versatility and talent Veli quickly began making a name for himself on Prospect Ave. And all throughout the South Bronx. In a borough where only the strong survive, Veli showed and proved he belonged with a fearless heart overcoming various obstacles during his rise. Though Veli came up through hard times his music reflects the lighter side of life while shedding light on its harsh realities in an accurate and thought-provoking manner just as fluent as previous BX greats before him have. Veli’s creative energy can’t be denied whether expressed through the rhythm of a track or carefully crafted word play, regardless of the tempo Veli delivers a fresh prospective music’s sorely been missing. Determined not to fall victim to industry politics and lack of support, Veli alongside partners Bugzy and Delateni and brother Blizo established Angreemen Entertainment and haven’t looked back. Since taking matters in his own hands, Veli has amassed a catalog of successful independent releases with twelve Agreemen Volumes, the Me Against the Machine, Playen With It and 1.3 Boys LP’s and various projects and appearances along the way. Working alongside Terror Squad’s Prospect, Triple Seis, Armegeddon, Cory Gunz, Brave Heart’s Nashawn and others, continually rocking sold out crowds from Club Vesta, The Remote Lounge, The New Savoy to Club T-NY, Veli has built a solid buzz and will undoubtedly break the code of music’s secret society and leave a lasting legacy through his music.

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